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Area Alarm Box

Digital Alarm system with the latest Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) technology. Using parallel RISC processing technology gas pressures are displayed on high glow seven-segment LEDs. As an area alarm, it is capable of continuously monitoring up to 4 gas sensor modules. Programmable units of measure of each gas to read PSI, BAR, kPa, or mmHg. Alarms are pre-set with NFPA/ HTM alarm values but are field adjustable for lower and upper limit alarm values


  • Digital Gas Alarm System with Ultra-High-Speed Micro Controllers
  • User selectable gas pressure units: PSI / BAR/ kPa
  • User-selectable vacuum pressure units: mmHg/ kPa
  • Individual monitoring of all the gases using 3 no’s seven segments LED display
  • BAR pressure displays up to 2 decimals (e.g., 4.20 BAR)
  • Highly accurate sensors for working in all environmental conditions without any calibration/re-calibration at the site
  • Self-diagnostic with error message display for ease of problem identification
  • Digital display with trend indicator using 3 high glow LEDs for each service monitored
  • User programmable high/low setpoints for each individual gas service
  • Automatic restart after getting input voltage without any calibration
  • Isolated potential contacts for remote annunciator applications
  • Audio and visual alarm indicators
  • Complies fully with all relevant standards
  • Fully tested and certified prior to dispatch